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Okay, so much wrong with all of this garbage, the President is not required to sell everything they own when they become President, this is such childish BS. Presidents are exempt from those laws so there is no constitutional consideration at all and anyone who says there is is either a liar or just too uneducated on facts to understand what they are saying:

There has never been a President with this large of a business empire, you do not detach yourself completely overnight and the many meetings Trump is having with business partners is to establish the new leadership breakdowns and change deals where needed. Trump is obligated in thousands of contracts and each of those obligations must be addressed.

Is it too much to ask Liberals to try and look up things before they shoot off their uninformed mouths?

That said, Trump is voluntarily detaching himself from his businesses and letting his Daughter (hey liberals, a woman) take control when he does not have to. Why can’t anyone give Trump credit for this?

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