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One of the things that has hurt Democrats in elections recently is their flat refusal to have an honest debate on the illegal alien issues, and yes there are many.

America is supposed to be a Nation of laws, but when the top leader of our Country is saying we need to ignore some of those laws for purely partisan political reasons that rips into the foundation of our law driven Nation. If it is okay for the President to pick and choose what laws are good and what laws should be ignored, why not the rest of us?

Yes, many illegal aliens have good intentions, and many are not to blame for being forced to travel into america illegally, but how does that change the fundamental question of legality?

If I rob a bank and use that money to give my family a better life, better home, better neighborhood, better food, better schools, does that mean I am not a criminal? If I am busted for my crimes will my family be allowed to keep the money, cars, homes, etc purchased with that stolen money? Will my family get to keep that “better life” purchased with my crimes?

I feel sad for these Mexican Citizens on many levels. They are Citizens of a Nation that has no respect for the poor and flat refuses to help them. Mexico is intentionally driving their “unwanted” citizens away and into America, Hillary Clinton admitted this mush herself a couple years ago.

But I do not see how America must be responsible for the care and future of these Mexican Citizens. We have our own problems including a $20 trillion dollar debt we have no idea how we can pay back. We can’t take on the responsibility to care for everyone in the world.