Gotta be a tough call for Trump supporters….

Only the radical left apply those labels, and being as the radical left have been name calling as their only tactic for over 20+ years now the tactic has lost it’s sting.

We now know you only call us racists and such because you have nothing else to offer, you are devoid of independent thought and only use name calling as a tool to try and end all debate, to silence those you can’t offer reasonable defense of your political stands against.

So keep up the name calling, there is simply no better tool to drive normal Americans away from you and into the arms of Conservatives.

By the way, you guys on the radical left lost all credibility on the topic of leaders and sexual misconduct when you decided to keep Bill Clinton as your most popular politician. Bill Clinton paid off a rape case and is proven to be screwing young interns while President and he has even more credible “victims” lined up saying he was raping and molesting them too so if you turned a blind eye to Clinton, you can’t point fingers at Trump, lol.

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