The only one I see at this moment deserving of ridicule is you, Louis — your deliberate use of…
Defensis Prime

Is she a girl physically or not? I deal in facts and logic, not emotions and at this point the girl is only dabbling with the idea of being a male with half hearted measures. Why should the school or myself commit to her being a male when she has not? When she gets the sex change operation and goes on full dose testosterone therapy for at least a year then at that time I will gladly consider her a male, but today she is a girl taking a little testosterone and there is nothing so far in her behaviors and choices that can’t be completely changed in a day.

Her lack of conviction is my issue.

Consider the fact she is gladly participating in girls wrestling, why? A true male would never do that. You either stand by who you are or you do not. She has accepted the role of wrestling as a girl because she still sees it as a choice, not a part of who she is.

Facts not emotions.

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