I always wonder, when I am reading articles about the Mainstream Media and its’ evils: What are we…
Sam Gallagher

I’ve heard the argument that nearly all media in this country have a liberal slant and don’t give conservatives a fair shake, but when it comes time for examples what we get are “Opinion piece in the NYT” or “Pundit on TV” or “Angry Blog Post by Somebody”.

Pretending to not see the examples just proves the point being made. The earliest example of the collusion of the Liberal media against Trump would be how every major outlet to include the New York Times and CNN as well as all the major network news ran with the idea Trump said all Mexicans were rapists.

It was simply not true. They had to both take his comment out of context (He was speaking only about illegal Aliens forced here by Mexico’s policies) and also edit out or severely downplay the rest of his comment where he said he was sure some were “good people” too.

But Trump calling all Mexicans rapists sounded better no matter if it was a lie, it served their political agenda so that is the narrative they decided to push.

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