ill copy-paste what i said before, which you still havent addressed:
Rick Infinity

Profanity and personal attacks, there is no better indication of the weak mind, lol.

Again, as I already said, they gave addresses, start there, the vast majority will not be able to afford moving, after that you look up American citizen children born of non-american parents (we have recorded on the records of birth) and follow the trail of Government assistance that all of them get. Go to those homes and like you said many will huddle together so it is a good bet we can get 20 illegals per stop doing that.

I also mentioned pulling up in old pickups to get workers then drive to a warehouse and arrest them and deport, I could get 1,000 illegals a day that way and just keep moving the operation to different areas each day.

Only you are claiming the Government would have to go invade random homes looking for illegals, that is on you to explain why you think that when there are countless other ways to gather up illegals.

But again, you seem to not possess the kill to read, Trump already said that right now, most illegals will not be deported, he is going to build the wall and concentrate on criminal illegals, so the entire discussion is childish.

I choose facts over emotions. You are the one choosing hate, all Liberals operate on hate. All the ugly things you say about Trump and those who vote for him but who was it attacking his events, hurting police and now rioting in the streets destroying stuff? You never see conservatives conduct themselves this way, only Liberals destroy, attack and hate.

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