I’m 34 years old in my entire life Russia with pretty much the enemy Rambo fought them so did Rocky…

Rambo and Rocky were the same person and he was an actor, playing a part, movies are not real.

The sad part is, America hacks Russia and even out friends too, we had that story about recording conversations leaders of friendly Nations were having on their cellphones. America is no innocent in any of this.

Obama and Hillary colluded with Europe to overthrow the Democratically elected leadership of Ukraine, by force of arms, because those Democratically elected leaders would not sign that European trade deal. Obama specifically agreed to recognise the new leadership as valid even though they took power bu force and changed the Countries Constitution by force.

So much for our respect of Democracy.

I don’t blame Russia for exposing those emails, and let’s remember that is the extent of the so called “hacking” they got one stupid Democrat to fall for a phishing email, because Hillary was very aggressive and hateful of Russians when she was SoS and it was very clear she was looking for any excuse to start a new world War of some sort with Russia, maybe directly or a proxy war maybe with Syria or something but her negative intentions were pretty clear.

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