The CBO seems to disagree with your assessment of Exchanges collapsing though.
Paul Henry

The CBO seems to disagree with your assessment of Exchanges collapsing though. They seem feel that they’ll be fine for at least the next 10 years.

Really? I stopped reading at that childish comment. Have you been living in a cave? Do you just ignore all facts in favor of your political beliefs? Some areas of the country only have a single health option because most insurance companies have already left the marketplace. Some have lost millions of dollars trying to stay in the exchanges.

You are confusing theory with reality. The CBO looks at the numbers you give them and pretend in a perfect world everything will work perfectly.

Do you remember how the same CBO said insurance rates would go down under Obamacare? Did that come true?

Sorry bud but we need to stick to reality, not wallow in fantasy.

Look, it is basic math. As Obama said in the first days of his Presidency, he needed to get young and healthy people to subsidize the healthcare of old and sick people. When the exchanges went live only sick people signed up. We have seen year after year of massive rate increases where insurance companies have tried to get costs under control but they have failed in almost all markets there are not enough healthy people paying into the insurance market to cover the cost of the sick people.

At first Obama included massive payments to Insurance companies who lost money on the exchanges basically erasing all risk from offering policies on the exchanges, but those massive payments are gone and insurance companies are running for the exits or pushing up prices more and more and more every year. At some point the increases will be too much and we reach that “death spiral” we all warned Obamacare supporters of before it even passed.