I am not a Muslim.
Ty Unglebower

Right, Christians operate charitable centers in most fairly decent sized cities in America, operate soup kitchens and food banks, even operate hospitals and such but you are more scare of them than the Orlando nightclub shooter?

You are being disingenuous. You do not see anyone screaming out “praise Jesus” as they murder a lot of people. Even the last guy who was shooting up an abortion center was not doing it for his faith, he was out of his mind and during his long list of crazy outbursts in the court he never once mentioned Jesus. He just kept ranting about dead babies.

This is an important distinction, while people who have some connection to Christian faith do indeed do some bad things, they never actually do it as a function of their faith.

Muslims on the other hand always praise their “God” and proclaim their religious beliefs as part of their acts.

Nobody believes “ALL” Muslims are terrorists, but they can all have a role to play in assisting in the reduction of radicals in their circles. Christians all work very hard to ostracise anyone who does evil deeds like this, you do not see Christian preachers telling their followers to go out and kill the way some Imams do. It is a mindset, a social structure that can help to drive out the radicals and make them feel unwanted and “dirty” if they behave in such ways.

Christians use “peer pressure” to help keep people in line, what is wrong with Muslims doing the exact same thing?

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