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As you define them, through inference, “normal” Americans (you included) must be idiots. If you don’t have a problem with all of the business BS associated with the drumph administration, you’re may be a greater problem than they are.

Right, we are the problem because we do not agree with your “the sky is falling” assessment? How arrogant of you, but typical of all of you on the radical left. You see anyone as evil that does not agree with you.

Do you realize that your personal economic and social rights are being infringed upon? Ironically, your biggest potential asset, education, one that you resent without receiving it, is in the GOP cross-hairs. . . Good luck.

Detail for me, be specific now, how this meeting to discuss general strategy to help GOP candidates win elections is directly infringing on my economic and social rights?

You do understand the context of this discussion right?

This is the problem, you just make up reasons to be filled with hate out of thin air and this constant stream of hate is what is driving normal Americans away from you. Do you really believe it is coincidence that Democrats have lost over 1,000 elections in 8 years? At some point I would think even the radical left can look at these trends and start to see a pattern forming.

You want to blame everyone else for your mistakes and bad behaviors.

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