Saying that the population is massed in merely four states is patently false.
Seth Soleyn

Saying that the population is massed in merely four states is patently false. The four top population states come out to a total of 33.2% of the population.

And that means all you will need is 17% agreement from the mix of other states to control everything, you really think getting 17% will be hard to do?

You are either missing the point I am making or intentionally dodging it. I am not trying to give you a hard time but I have been making 1 real point, that today we have a mix of beliefs and lifestyles and priorities and world views all competing for attention from the candidates who travel all over the place to win votes, look what Trump pulled off in States Hillary abandoned believing she had easy wins but Trump beat her. None of those States would get any attention in a popular vote election, not 1.

I was not trying to- make it about Hillary and Trump specifically, just pointing out that the past 30+ years of “picture perfect” professional politicians have not worked out well for the majority of Americans, after 8 years of Obama we are $20 trillion in debts and nobody is better off than the top 1% and nobody is worse than poor people of color. Who wins if everything just stays the same? Certainly not poor people. Hillary Clinton, no matter how much experience and skill she may or may not have had, would never have changed anything and anyone willing to be honest knows this to be true.

You mention self-driving trucks and how special interests would shove that legislation through, but you also see no value to having at least 1 person special interests have no power over and some knowledge of how businesses work take a turn at President? Not even in theory?

I agree that most of the lost jobs will never return, but I do believe we can possibly rebuild and increase some of it by making a few adjustments to trade agreements to account for the unfair advantage these trade partners have by not having any environmental protection requirements and no worker protection requirements. I would think even Liberals could get behind that idea and try to slightly level the playing field. Free trade is when all sides are equal, America has been forced to keep one arm tied behind our backs because other countries do not have to play by the same rules we do.

All I know is the support for Bernie seems to come from the same place as the support for Trump, people appear to be sick and tired of the professional class corrupt politician. Trump was never my first choice of outsider, but he became the only choice for those wanting to see something change. We will see how that works out.

I also wish you and your family well and if you believe in such things I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving (family) event this coming week. I am personally thankful that we live in a Nation where we can have these kinds of debates and discussions in a polite if not warm atmosphere. Thank you.

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