Bruh, you’re acting like Scouting was doing well before the decision. News flash, it wasn’t.
Jeffrey T

Bruh, you’re acting like Scouting was doing well before the decision. News flash, it wasn’t.

Scouting decline was always due to changes in society, even before the first “official” change there were local unofficial changes that came before the official changes, don;t tell me you do not know how these things work?

Well if you are that uninformed I guess I will take the time to educate you, seems pretty silly for me to have to teach you about things you should already know if you really were in scouting.

Inclusion measures do not just happen overnight and all troops go from no inclusion to all suddenly allowing it. What happens is certain troops will be allowing the inclusions for many years before it filters down to leadership, in fact the leadership intentionally looked the other way and had been allowing gays as troop leaders for over 20 years before they made it “official”.

Those unofficial inclusion acts caused almost all of the decline, but I will agree other issues in the last 10 years has also added to the decline, such as children being more closed in their homes playing video games and having no interest in the outdoors and parents being more willing to let them.

I argue that to survive the Boy Scouts needs to just become the Scouts.

That has always been the problem with the radical left, you can’r create your own groups, you always want to- tear down and destroy anything that does not conform to your political ideology. Going back to the original complaints against Trump making this political, well that is exactly what people like you have done for over 30 years, you have been transforming the boy scouts into- what you want it to be to feed your political motives, sure you have done it slowly and almost silently but still you politicized the boy scouts long before Trump’s comments.

And your face may be getting red at the idea, but let me remind you that Scouting is not a Christian program.

I am Conservative, I do not get all emotional over discussions on the internet, I stick to the facts and based on the facts yes, the boy scouts were Christian, but I agree you have been doing your best to transform the scouts into something other than what it was, and that is why you have been losing members.

From the scouting handbook of my time:

“Remember in doing your duty to God, to be grateful to Him. Whenever you succeed in doing something well, thank Him for it. Sometimes when you look up into the starlit sky on a quiet night, and feel close to Him-thank Him as the Giver of all good things. One way to express your duty and your thankfulness to God is to help others, and this too, is a part of your Scout promise.”

While the boy scouts did not specifically attach itself to- just Christians, that was it’s base and religious beliefs in general was indeed a foundational part of scouting.

Barring membership to some because of a perceived sin is the height of hypocrisy. I’ve known adulterers to be scout leaders and that’s a sin. I consumed alcohol while working for the scouts and that’s a sin. I was still allowed to be a member.

Clearly you have zero understanding of Christians or religion. We hate the sin but embrace the sinner. We all fall short of perfection, but you have to at least acknowledge sinful behaviors as sinful even if you fall short and do sinful acts, at least you see where you are making errors so you can work on that errors.

Barring membership has never happened because someone sinned, it is their mindset to not see their acts as sinful that was the problem, I really with people like you could understand that distinction but your political beliefs keep you from these kinds of knowledge.

I’ve lived the values. An atheist can show reverence by respecting people for their religious choices and differences.

No yo-u don;t, notl 1 Atheist respects religious people, that is why you are actively saying you need to change and transform boy scouts into just plain scouting because you have to destroy any religious based organization you find.

You can;t just create your own programs and leave Christian based groups alone, you always have to crush the Christian based groups like Boy Scouts. There is nothign more filled with hate than an Atheist.

Despite your grandiose claims of the future doom of Scouting it should be clear that Scouting is declining regardless of politically correct pressure.

Nope, 95% of the decline is caused by people like you wanting to transform boy scouts into far left political correct social engineering.

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