OK, it’s put up or shut up time.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Seriously? Why is it you are always uninformed on everything Victoria? I have asked you this in many other discussions where I trashed you and you always run away from this huge hole in knowledge you have in almost every topic you get involved in?

I will gladly post a list of things Hillary has flip-flopped on but again, I stick to the point that Trump has never been a politician and installing Government policy, so any change of mind for Trump has zero meaning because he never tried to push legislation or policy in the first place.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand has been a professional politician all of her life and pushing and voting and establishing public policy all of her life. Every time Hillary flip-flops that is Americans being effected, not just a theoretical discussion so all of her policy reversals are massive and deeply troubling while Trumps are not.

I’ll keep the list short because of your attention span issues:

The first and most obvious and 100 times worse than anything Trump has done is the TPP. Hillary helped to write the tPP, all of the most damaging elements of the TPP were written before she left office as the wikileaks documents proved, and Hillary stayed silent on it until suddenly Bernie was crushing her with it so she suddenly changes her mind and is against it?

Second there is her claims to be against big money in politics, offering many speeches condemning big money but is wallowing in big corporation, banker, wall street donations and out spending Trump 20 to 1. So I do not know if this is a flip-flop or just blatant hypocrisy, i’ll let you decide?

Immigration, just a couple years ago Hillary Clinton was pushing for more money to build more “barriers” (like a wall) to go after those who employ illegals and even admitted that it was Mexico’s policies that were driving Mexican nationals to illegally immigrate to America specifically spelling out their lack of social safety net.

“Well look, I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in, and I do think you have to control your borders.” ! Hillary Clinton

Hillary today is talking big on gun control but a few years ago Hillary was selling herself as “ a Pro-Gun Churchgoer” according to the New York Times story:

Iraq, that should speak for itself, but how about all her promises to go after wall Street and yet nobody is taking more money from all Street than Hillary Clinton? Her actions to take their money belies her promises to go after them does it not?

But let’s shorten this up a little bit, Hillary has drastically changed her mind on KORUS (trade agreement), NAFTA (trade agreement), the Columbia free trade agreement, CAFTA-DR (trade agreement), Raising the US Debt ceiling, Raising payroll taxes, Arming Syrian Rebels, The Cuban embargo, the Keystone Pipeline, The Ethanol mandate, Sanctuary Cities………

I can go on but there you go, I gave you a few to chew on, I have about 300 more examples if you really want them? But I think at this point I made my point, and again all of this while Hillary Clinton was directly making and enforcing and managing Government. Her changes are real, Trumps were all theory and never as a Government representative.

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