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“The restaurant industry is completely built on immigrants,” she said.

She is out o-f her mind, this kind o-f lie is exactly why normal Americans are rejecting the radical left in all it’s forms.

But please keep up the never ending flow of protests, the more you protest the more normal Americans are driven away from you.

I will give you some advise but I know the radical left is to arrogant to actually listen to it. If you concentrated on 1 or 2 messages and protested those say one a quarter it would be consistent but spaced out enough to allow normal Americans to be gently exposed to your messaging and possibly change their minds, but nope, you guys got out your sledge hammers and you are constantly hammering away at every conceivable topic under the sun. It is non-stop bitching and complaining and griping proving that no matter if we did do something on one topic, you would just be screaming bloody murder about something else so why even try?

Yes, the squeaky wheel does get the grease but that is when it is just one wheel and we know the squeaking will stop if we grease it. With Liberals there are millions of squeaky wheels and no amount of greasing will ever stop the squeaking.

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