Again, single payer and the public option are two different things and were two different debates.

Again, single payer and the public option are two different things and were two different debates. If you are going to continue with this dishonest approach there is no point to discussion.

Single payer and the public option were one and the same, sure different committees were using different terms but the point the Blue dogs were against was Government being in competition with the private sector.

If you must be so dishonest as to try and make them sound like different things then that is on you, not me.

How about this, you tell me exactly, with specific details comparing the two things that make you believe they were completely different? Maybe you can convince me they were different, remember, be detailed, I am a facts person, I reject all emotion based commentary without any consideration at all.

No, not the same at all. The Obamacare bills and amendments were debated for months before a Senate passage that was an entire six months later in the process.

Again, theatrics, nothing of substance was changed once the Bill came out of the back room it was written in. You seem to be stuck on visual things instead of substance. Again, that is all emotions, I ignore emotion based garbage. What difference does it make if they had discussions if they refused to allow anything to be changed?

Specific provisions of it were plucked to dishonestly claim the bill had “death panels.” Have you forgotten all that.

You clearly never understood the “death panel” issue, lol. Even Howard Dean and a host of Democrats have later come out against the Independent Payment Advisory Board that pushes cost cutting and decides what treatments are allowed and what are not. Pencil pushers deciding what treatments are justified and what are not.

Death panels.

Now we can play semantics with what words we want to use to describe these bureaucrats who will be deciding what treatments to allow and what treatments to stop paying for, but if some kinds of treatments are no longer available because some guy in a suit in Washington says so, what do you call it?

Have you forgotten the lengthy public debate over the public option made possible by that option publicly appearing in earlier versions of the bill before being removed?

Being removed by Democrats, not Republicans, as proven by the link I provided.

Whether you feel most Americans opposed it or not when it passed, they did so because they were able to see it, long before it passed Congress.

It is not what I feel, opposition to Obamacare was massive, all polls said Americans were against it, and yes, Democrats did let people see it, and then they promptly ignored the universal opposition to it and passed it anyway. So why have hearings and let people read it if all Democrats were going to do is ignore opposition and pass it no matter what Americans had to say about it?

You are again stuck on appearances as opposed to substance. Opposition was so big top Democrats refused to hold open town hall meetings. Instead they blocked voters and help invitation only events and invited insurance executives to those private events.

But it is typical of a Trump supporter to lie about history all of us can even remember. They lie about everything, just like the target of their personality cult.

Everything i have said is fact and I have given links to support my commentary while all you offer is lies.

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