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So again, there is no such thing as an “undocumented immigrant”. That is a pure political term with no basis in fact or law. The correct term by law is an illegal alien.

Now, even a single conviction for driving under the influence could be considered a serious enough offense that triggers the deportation proceeding, Kelly said in response to Todd’s question to “define a criminal.”

Drunk driving is an extremely serious crime and one conviction means hundreds of other times they drove drink and got away with it, anyone who is willing to drive drunk is saying they are willing to risk the lives of thousands of other people. It is no different than intentionally shooting thousands of bullets into the air, maybe they will hit someone and maybe they will not but you are risking others so you can have fun.

I believe any illegal who commits any serous crime like drunk driving should be put in prison and deported and extra penalties established under the law to make 10 year mandatory sentences for any criminal illegal who returns after being deported with a criminal offense.

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