ahahaha here is Alicia Acuna’s account from Fox News, emphasis mine: http://www.foxnews.com…
Rick Infinity

walked into the room with a voice recorder, put it up to Gianforte’s face and began asking if him if he had a response to the newly released Congressional Budget Office report on the American Health Care Act. Gianforte told him he would get to him later. Jacobs persisted with his question. Gianforte told him to talk to his press guy, Shane Scanlon.

So even this account proves the reporter was very aggressive and entered into the personal space of another person, when told he had no comment the reporter kept the phone shoved into his target’s face and only after being warned to back off and the reporter refused, did the politician then take physical action?

There is simply no logical reason to shove a device into the face of another human being, those microphones are sensitive enough to hear clearly from 20 feet away, especially in a quiet office setting. The only reason to shove the phone into the candidates face was to be aggressive and intimidate his victim.

I would have busted out all of the guys teeth for him, at some point Liberals need to learn there are right ways and wrong ways to interact with fellow human beings, invading our personal space because you hate us and want to insult and assault us verbally is wrong.

But there is an issue, some other people said the candidate grabbed for the phone, so clearly there is some discrepancies depending who you talk to.

In College we did an experiment where they had a robbery suddenly happen in the middle of class then everyone rushed back out of the room, the event lasted maybe 2 minutes and was over. We were then asked to write out what we witnessed of the event, in great detail, out of 35 people no 2 people saw the same thing. Same event, same “victim” and attackers, but 35 people saw 35 different events.

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