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Quitting a unanimous agreement by 190+ nations after a two-decade negotiating process would make us a rogue nation, a global pariah, like Vladimir Putin’s Russia. And, it could make Putin happy, as we’ll see.

So first of all let’s be accurate, The United States never entered into any agreement, Obama signed off on it without any Congressional review so it is not binding, it is an agreement by one man, Obama, not America.

Second, why do we need some outside European entity to order us what to do? Why can’t we just do the best we can in a reasonable stand to reduce emissions without hurting Americans in the process?

Lastly, so many other Nations are severely expanding their Co2 emissions, so much so any conservation we attempt will be worthless. For example, Southeast Asia is in the process of a massive expansion (400) of coal fired power plants.

On top of that we will see massive population increases here at home and all over the World so even if you slightly reduce energy use per person, the fact we have added more and more people you end up not really reducing due to greater need for a larger population.