The Republicans have had years and years to demonstrate their alternative- an alternative to the…
Gus DiZerega

The Republicans have had years and years to demonstrate their alternative- an alternative to the best plan the Heritage Foundation could come up with that served corporate priorities. Nada has been the response.

So first of all, the Republicans have offered up huge numbers of alternatives, even before Obamacare was passed. Just because you do not try to be informed on a topic does not mean there are no alternatives.

Second, Obamacare is not based on anything from the Heritage foundation, yes in some theory discussions they talked about things like mandated coverage and such but Obamacare is filled with so much extra and harmful garbage it does not look like anything ever offered before.

For example, Romneycare is printable on about 61 normal pages.

Now they say they will keep pre-existing conditions protection — but don’t say how they will keep protection like that affordable since doing so requires risk being spread across a much larger group than just those with pre-existing conditions.

It is not working now, so your point is irrelevant. Obama said from the start he needed to force young and healthy people to sign up and offset costs for the sick. That never happened so every year we see insurance policies either closed down or massive increases in cost to try and cover losses.

What part of logic and vacant promises can’t you understand?

Back at you. Obama promised things like families would see a $2,500 reduction in health insurance premiums. Where is that promise? Where is the logic in keeping something not doing any of the things we were told it would do?

I see you also dodged my other point with the link to the story of how massive numbers of people got Obamacare policies but can’t find a doctor to accept their policy?

Wow, they got a insurance card, but what good is it if no doctors accept that policy? How do you fix that?

Even Democrats agree there are a lot of problems, the exchanges are done, there is no possible way to save them, it was doomed to fail the day we started them, I predicted it on day 1. You can’t operate exchanges without getting “everyone into the game” as Obama correctly stated, the problem was, the penalty for not buying insurance was much cheaper than paying for insurance, buy a huge amount. Also if you made sure to not overpay your taxes, there was no way for the IRS to actually collect the penalty. It was doomed to fail from the start.

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