And….if you hadn’t noticed, Trump is getting rid of anything Obama did get passed…which was done…
lindsay smith

So how do you explain the super easy confirmation process for all of Obama’s cabinet picks and his two supreme court picks if what you claim is true that Republicans just blindly obstructed him at every turn?

I deal in facts not emotions Lindsay, I offered you this point and you flat refused to respond to it because you know it proves you wrong.

Yes, Republicans played hard when it was needed, but they also came together for the truly important times to do so. This is one of the truly defining difference between Republicans and Democrats, Republicans can work with someone they do not like, Democrats can’t.

Obama told Republicans right after his first election that elections have consequences, and this is true. If the American people thought Obama did good things then they would have supported Hillary Clinton. We now know record numbers of Democrat voters stayed home. You snowflakes try to blame Russia but Russia could not force Democrat voters to stay home

Remember, Obama told all Black voters that he would take it as a personal insult if they did not turn out to support Hillary …. well guess what, Blacks stayed home in record numbers.

Time to stop crying Lindsay. Either work to reform the Democratic party that has isolated themselves from most normal Americans or accept the fact that Democrats will stay a regional party, not a National one.

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