So your answer is to give a specific minority outsize power to impose their will on the majority?
Seth Soleyn

So I do not see how a thinking human being could read my comment and come out with what you claimed I was saying, You must have just skimmed it and made up what you think I was going to say then go into attack mode.

Again, if just the population masses in 4 states can make all the decisions, then clearly that single voter in Alaska has zero say in the process. You are not paying attention to the point I have made clearly.

Political leanings and trends change all the time, we have seen States shift and change and give much different results in these Presidential elections, that constantly shifting element is what allows for some variety in our politics. Just a couple years ago Hillary Clinton was against same sex marriage and saying we needed more “barriers” on the Southern border and that Mexico was driving their poor into America.

Consider this, let’s say for a moment that Hillary had won, what “real change” do you think she would have brought to the office? Do you really believe she was going to pass free 4 year degrees for all Americans? Let’s be realistic, yes Hillary had experience, but she was also the the one politician who has had the most special interest money shoved into her pockets, do you really believe all that money comes without strings attached?

Like the results, or hate the results, changes are definitely on the way because Trump is the first guy to sit in that office in 30+ years who does not owe special interests anything. That has to cause some shakeup all by itself.

Change is always painful, always.

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” ~ Tony Robbins

“Change comes with pain… But this pain later becomes a gain. To explain it well, “no pain, no gain”! Endure the pain and make a difference!” ~ Israelmore Ayivor