Bull, you say Bannon is unqualified because “YOU SAY” he is unqualified, that is not evidence, that…
Carl Sandburg

No, I followed that up with the FACT that he comes to the job with NO experience in National Security, and NO security clearances. He has NEVER held a position or assumed a role that is connected to National Security. Those are little pieces of concrete, factual information. You will now turn around and claim that those cold, hard, logical points are the opposite of what they really are.

So in your mind, only those with long histories of working in National security can ever have anything to do with National security? Does that include Trump and every other President in the last 20 years?

Your complaint makes no sense at all, One can easily say the top National security post is President and none of our previous Presidents worked in National security before being elected.

So clearly the most important factor is a solid mind and the capacity to reason and understand the information as it is presented and act on it. We have all the analysts we need to gather and present the information, we need people like Presidents and advisers to give us sound decisions on what to do with that information.

So no, your complaints makes no sense at all. Bannon is a proven operator and strategist and planner, he has all the qualifications needed to offer raw and unvarnished advise on situations, it is the President who makes the decisions, Bannon is only someone to offer his views, so where is the problem with that?

I won’t go on, because you stopped responding with pertinent information long ago.

Just pointing out your emotion based crying, if you have anything relevant you can bet I will gladly take it into consideration and offer logical reply, but not much to offer pure emotion based crying.

Perhaps Trump will learn how to lead. So far, his ‘acheivements’ are superficial and shallow. There is no replacement for ACA. There is no wall, and no concrete plan for paying for the wall. Immigration reform requires legislation. Nothing even mentioned. His attempts to round up illegals with criminal associations is a good idea, but not much has really happened yet.

Trump had led more before he took office than Obama has led in 8 years. all those companies coming to heel and reporting massive numbers of new jobs and you think that is nothing?

So you love the ACA? Yes there are ways to replace it, any Conservative can explain how to you if you want to know.

There will be a wall, anbd no Trump has not decided how to make Mexico pay for it yet but he will, we do not need immigration reform, and rounding up illegals does not really mean much as long as we have a wide open southern border because they just come back anytime they want to.

The man does not even have a working cabinet yet because the spoiled brats are having temper tantrums, of course this is their intention, slow Trump down as much as possible and it is working, but things will still get done. You have to give Trump a little time.

Did you think Trump was magic and all the problems would be fixed at the snap of his fingers instantly? Your complaints are childish, be reasonable.

So, if talking what you think is a good game floats your boat, good for you. I am finished trying to have a discussion when you have no ability or desire to follow an argument.

What argument? That you are emotionally distraught and angry? I get that part, but so far you do not have anything to debate other than emotions. I do not do emotions, only facts and logic.

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