um, we prevented the korean peninsula from being united after wwii, making south korea and american…
grendel chagrin

So it is your assertion that the people of south Korea should be forced to become part of north Korea and their mentally ill leader?

You radicals make no sense at all, I thought you cared about human rights and choice? Here you are defending an insane leadership that murders and tortures their own people for political crimes, who refuse to honor a single agreement they have ever signed, who want to develop long range nuclear weapons and who are openly threatening Nations like Japan who has never done a single thing to North Korea but you see North Korea as the good guy?

Even China and Russia have started to come around and admit North Korea is losing it but not you guys, you still see North Korea as an innocent in all this?

How about this, if you do not care about the torture and human rights violations of North Korea, you guys usually claim you care about the environment right? Do you have any idea how much damage to the environment a few nuclear bombs going off could cause? Don’t you want to at least stop that?

How many innocents will die if North Korea does set off a few nuclear bombs no matter who he shoots them at?

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