So just how brilliant is Trump anyway?

So today there are a lot of reports that Trump will end DACA, the program Obama started to go around Congress and provide mass amnesty for illegal aliens who were brought here as children.

Trump wants his wall, so do tens of millions of Americans who voted for Trump. Congress has been refusing to let Trump build his wall. Many very Liberal leaning Republicans have also said they like DACA, so in my opinion Trump has decided to take the long game and use DACA as a bargaining chip. The Establishment Republicans want DACA but do not want to build any wall or secure the border in any way, so I believe Trump is going to use dACA as a tradeoff, the Establishment Republicans and all the Democrats get DACA, and he gets the wall.


Now I may be wrong, Trump could just be honoring a campaign promise and how refreshing is it that a politician actually works to try and keep their campaign promises? But, I do believe there is more to this than that.