Here’s How Twitter Can Combat President Trump And His Army Of Trolls
Greg Fish

So of course, anyone who does not agree with you and is not willing to bow down to your beliefs is “EVIL” so you then go into name calling mode. I give you on the far left credit, name calling has been an effective political tool for a very long time and it has closed down debate on a long list of issues allowing the Left to dominate politically.

But. As will all over abused tools, it has lost it’s effectiveness. You used to be able to scream “Racist” at someone and get them to run away no matter if they really were being racist or not. Like the little boy who cried wolf, you have had a great time name calling the opposition and reaping the benefits but recently the tactic has lost it’s punch.

One would think after losing over 1,000 elections in the past 8 years, even losing the Presidency with Hillary Clinton screaming “Deplorables” at anyone who would not support her, that you would start to re-evaluate this name calling tactic and consider shifting to a positive message instead of a hate filled one but nope, you keep banging on that drum expecting a different sound to come out of it, lol.

4 recent special elections had Democrats dumping massive amounts of money outspending the Republican in the race in some cases 4 to 1 and splattering negative attack adds anywhere you could find a spot, doing your best to buy an election but in all 4 cases, you lost.

So Trump is a Troll? Well if he is a Troll and he he trouncing you guys, what does that make you? Name calling will not win elections. You actually diminish yourself as long as you wallow in this hate. Do you want to win elections or just have good excuses ready for when you lose?

Are you willing to have an actual fair debate on why Trump needs twitter to combat the millions of nasty attacks on him every day or are you just pushing more name calling as a typical far left mindset? I do agree it is a shame we have a President doing this, but it is more of a shame to me that the media has gotten to the point where a President must. Consider how all of the biggest media outlets in America all ran with the lie that Trump said all Mexicans were rapists. It was simply not true. But something not being true is acceptable as long as it paints Trump as “Evil” in today’s media. If it is okay for all Media outlets to lie in such ways then it is certainly okay for Trump to try and fight back any way he can.

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