Hey O’Neil and Mr.
Jay Parker (I)

So “punish” success even more? I simply do not get this mindset some have to be honest. So how much more “tax” do you propose for those who own expensive property? You do understand they already pay way more than others for that property right?

I lot of uninformed people claim taxes are lower for people these days and while this may be true on a single tax method, America has developed so many new ways of taxing Americans that few actually understand just exactly how much they are paying but those of us who own property understand no other tax method has transformed more than for property taxes. When I first started paying property taxes all local fees were covered under those taxes, then slowly new special assessments were added to those tax bills, emergency services, schools, waste disposal, etc started showing up on our property tax bills, we did not see “better” services, just higher costs.

After you consider all the ways a “rich” person is taxed, to include much higher tax rates for those million dollar homes, we see they are actually being taxed more now than ever before but still it is not enough. So how much is enough? Many studies have been done showing the “rich” can pay more than half their income in taxes so what is “enough”? How much income do we take? Is there any limit in your mind?

How about this, you tell me what percentage of income a person should be allowed to keep? When you earn money, how much of that income should you be allowed to keep?

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