so how’s that savior of the middle class thingy looking so far?
Hugh Foley

So the answer is yes, you are too much a coward to answer a direct question?

There is the hole in your game, you push “racism” as an excuse so you do not have to look in the mirror and accept responsibility for your own failings?

Fact, the same people who voted for Obama two elections in a row rejected Hillary Clinton and there is no rational way you can attempt to call those Obama voters racists today, clearly something completely different was motivating those voters to either stay home or support Trump.

I dislike Van Jones a great deal because he also does like you do in trying to insert racism into everything but he did a couple interviews with Democrats who did not support Hillary Clinton and while he does play the fool and attempts to make them look bad, we hear from these families that their concerns were for Hillary’s character, her being untrustworthy, her corruption and taking endless amounts of money from special interests, etc.

One interview Van asked why vote for Obama then vote for Trump? The family said, Obama was about love and change in their minds, and while change never happened, Obama was still about love and they liked that so they kept supporting him. In this election the only candidate offering change was trump while all Hillary offered was more of the same, Washington as usual.

The people are trying to tell you where you went off the rails and you simply refuse to listen.

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