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That means that the government has already spent far more this year on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trips than it has on transition-related health care for transgender service members.

So the first question is, what does one have to do with the other?

Even though gender dysphoria and the related Trans care is a “loud topic” in political circles, it is still extremely rare and the fact that care would cost the military millions of dollars is outrageous considering the tiny number who would be receiving this care. There is no rational excuse to impose this on the military.

As far as what the costs are for Trump’s travel, as the writer reluctantly admits, all the quoted numbers are guesses, we do not know what is being spent and all these tens of thousands of stories spouting pure conjecture is just more expression of Trump derangement syndrome the radical left is currently suffering under.

At some point your lives should be focused on something other than Trump.

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