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So the radical left who wanted to back door block executions turned to attacking drug companies that supplied the drugs used for lethal injection. Those drugs were extremely good and provided a safe and pain free execution. Because the anti-death penalty radicals shut down that supply of safe and pain free drugs, those States were forced to shift to new and less reliable drugs, those drugs may have contributed to a less than painless execution in several cases.

So it is actually the fault of the radicals that the safe and pain free drugs were taken away and any suffering that resulted is their fault too.

Unintended consequences.

Personally I believe they should go back to public hanging. Maybe not on the courthouse stairs but televise the event, maybe even to a pay-per-view and let the victims families get the proceeds. We should also speed up the process, every execution should be conducted inside two years of conviction. Offer one all inclusive appeal at the State level than another at the Federal level. The lawyers fill out one form with everything they believe was wrong with the trial and the appeal goes down the list, point by point and either approves or denies every claim in that one review. If it is all found to be legal then execute them in one month after appeal.

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