Louis: I do not have a particular “time line” for you -but I will try to locate the article I got…
Mark Collier

Louis: I do not have a particular “time line” for you

So we can’t intelligently discuss the way it went down beyond the fact Flynn told Pence something that was not true, Pence then went out there repeating the erroneous information and once he found out the truth was instrumental in getting him removed by all appearances. As you said, trump seems to have known before Pence but once Pence knew, Flynn had to go, and Trump letting Pence make that decision shows how much Trump does trust and respect Pence.

I never said that Pence was ‘not a great man’ nor did I say that “you said Trump doesn’t trust Pence.”

Actually you did: “ If you (and possibly others) suspect that Trump does not trust even Pence” ~ Mark Collier

Now, if Trump deliberately kept the truth from Pence even 1 hour, not to mention days, then that does suggest that either Trump doesn’t trust his VP, or he somehow forgot to mention it to him — either way speaks of impending disaster in my opinion.

Bull, simply childish to make such a claim. Are you married? Have you always told your wife every little detail of every event within 1 hour? If not does that men you do not trust her?

I already detailed the most likely reason Trump kept it to himself being he wanted time to work on options and replacements himself and wanted as few people knowing as possible at first, not because he did not trust Pence but because leaks have been horrible and it is most likely the staff, not the officials themselves leaking.

But no, you have to assume the most evil motivations possible, why?

I do not believe Pence willfully lied to the media, I believe he was in fact acting on what he had been told by Flynn and others….

Good to see you are not assuming pure evil intent on everyone.

.which is why I question the fact that if Trump had been told (in January — the 29th specifically) that Flynn lied, why did he not share it with his VP?…the story goes that Pence did not actually find out the truth until he saw it on the news…so once again, it makes Trump (and ergo his establishment) look ominous to say the least! I have never heard of a president who did not have absolute faith in the VP…and therefore nothing this important should have been kept from Pence. That’s all I’m saying at this point.

So it is your assertion that every President shares everything instantly with every VP? That if they keep anything to themselves at any point it is a sign of evil intent by the president?

I simply do not understand this need to assign pure evil intent on the part of anything Trump does. Why do you on the far left do this?

Again, I explained to you the most likely reason, but you do not want to accept that because it is not evil enough for you so you wallow in these sick fantasies to feed your hate or something?

Trump is Trump, he will want to narrow down choices on his own as much as possible then bring people in to help narrow the list down further but intimately the decision is his. There is nothing evil about his process, it is just one he has followed all his life and it has served him well.

You have to remember that most of the time, our previous Presidents did not have decision making experience, they had to get others to help them make their decisions, Obama never managed a single thing his entire life till the day he was President for example.

How ab out giving Trump a break? If you find some actual evidence proving Trump did something wrong then fine, I will be the first person to stand with you and call him out on it, but this speculation based on hate is getting old.