White People, Your Revolution Is Now
Christina Springer

If you had been raising your child not to be complicit with White Supremacy, you wouldn’t need that article. All you would have to say is “Our people got up to their usual shenanigans yesterday, darling.” That’s how it goes down in my house.

So why is it “our people”? This mindset is the real problem and I would like you to explain why every White person is a racist if one is a racist?

When a group of Black people kidnapped and tortured a special needs White man for days does that mean all Black people are guilty?

Group guilt is appropriate when exactly? Only when White people do something bad?

The radical left is doing all it can to use “shame” tactics applying group guilt to both silence debate and attempt to control people. And this is not a new tactic, the left has used name calling for generations and to give them credit, it has worked pretty well for them for 30+ years. But then came Trump, and not only did he not bow down to the far left name calling, he gave them the finger and doubled down on his agenda. Then the left and the media decided to call him Hitler and again, Trump ignored the name calling.

So the new tactic the far left decided to try is the group guilt game. Suddenly the left started calling anyone who supported Trump a racist, Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “Deplorable” and lacking any redeeming quality in America.

Now this has transformed into- attacking all White people as racists. The night of the election it was called a “Whitelash” and every day we have seen millions of stories like this one accusing all White people of being racists. The tactic is designed to- try and force people who would support Trump normally to feel guilty and vote for Democrats instead.

Name calling is the only tactic the left has.

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