I couldn’t remember what you “called me out” on, about lying.
Shawn Schmid

So you admit you lied when you claimed Trump was “forcing” people to stay at his hotels? A liar is a liar, is a liar, you have decided that dishonesty is okay because you hate those who do not agree with you politically?

The banks, corporations and wall street were all on the side of Hillary, you do not see anything wrong with presidential candidates being controlled by special interests? Or do you believe Hillary was a God and immune to the influence that hundreds of millions of dollars spent on her behalf usually gets from professional politicians?

After 8 years of Obama nobody did better than that top 1% you speak of, and nobody did worse than poor people of color, those same BLM people you claim to have marched with, what has Obama or any other Democrat done for people of color outside of lip service?

So what if Ivanka sat in an informal meeting? You don’t think Chelsea ever sat in the same room with world leaders before? You do not even know what they were specifically talking ab out, at this point at best all they discussed was basics and pleasantries.

So you think America needs to keep slave labor Mexicans so we can have cheap fruit and vegetables at the grocery store? Us saving money on food is more important than not exploiting an underclass of humanity in our Country? I would think any “TRUE” Progressive would be against the exploitation of human beings.

Illegals artificially force down the wages in those industries, they also work under the table and pay zero income taxes. Forcing these industries to pay a “living wage” and putting those workers on the tax roles will be a win/win for America. Yes we will have to pay a little bit more for our fruit but it will be worth it because of the millions of ways it would stimulate the economy.

By the way, my main issue with BLM is some of their events had them chanting about killing cops and they have picked many troublesome poster children like Michael Brown that we now know attacked and tried to kill a cop. Hardly a good example for Americans. We also know they did things like invade a political event, scare Bernie to death forcing him to flee the stage and not be allowed to speak, then those BLM members started screaming at the audience calling them all racists. I do see the movement to have some good goals, but they are allowing the radicals to give the movement a bad name. If they want to be seen as good they need to eject the bad players, openly so all can see they do not support the calls to kill cops and such.

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