>>Facts not emotions, Felix
Felix Ray

The New York Times article was published in 2015.

So you admit you on the far left selectively use only those sources, even if they are ancient sources, that fit you dishonest narrative?

This is 2017, Trump is talking about the issues we are facing today, not two years ago. You kn ow, context? Maybe you should go look that word up?

Incidentally, the perpetrator of the Orlando massacre was born in upstate New York, so it does nothing to support President Trump’s claim.

Are you brain dead? What do-es the place of birth have to do with Jihadist attacks on Americans? Trump never said only foreigners conduct Jihadist attacks, why do all of you on the left have to lie?

The story we are both responding to was attempting to claim that Right wing attacks were this huge number and Jihadist attacks were tiny, they used dishonest numbers and lies to try and make that claim.

All I did was point out the lies.

Facts, not emotions.

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