Sure, this is easy.

Now if you can’t see the difference between multiple payers and single payer, I can’t help you. It’s the difference between one, and more than one, to put it in simple terms that even deliberately dishonest people might get.

So you are confused, no, at no time was there ever any final Bill where only a single payer was in consideration, you are severely confused.

I do not know who is brainwashing you with this stuff but they are not doing you any favors. Exchanges were always, always, always on the table, a “public option” was indeed discussed in a few committees, but it was never an option in any final product in either the House or the Senate.

Maybe you just do not understand how committees work?

I understand it better than you ever will. It was my job to understand it, but let’s move on.

Then why did you lie then? I just busted you in a lie and now you want to- move on? Of course you do-, lol, typical far left Liberal, lol.

First, the original claim of the “death panel” was not IPAB.

Yes it was, you are simply being dishonest, why do you have to- waste both our times with lies? When pressed on her comment concerning “Death panels” she specifically stated the cost cutting panels who would decide what treatments some Americans can get by under funding them to make them out of reach, exactly what the Independent Payment Advisory Board does.

She may not have used the term, but she got the framework correct.

I proved you wrong with Howard Dean and many Democrats themselves, no matter how many facts you are shown you just ignore them and keep spouting lies, funny in a sick kind of way. When even a top Democrats, with a lot more knowledge of the legislation than you will ever hope to have admits the panel should be eliminated because it can ration care no matter what the Bill says, then why are you too scared to admit it yourself?

There are many ways to- ration care without actually saying yo-u are rationing it. My brother-in-law in a practicing family doctor, my sister does his books. Medicare intentionally adjusts the payouts of certain kinds of treatments to make them not cost effective for the doctors to provide. Just a standard office well visit costs more for the Doctor to provide than he will be reimbursed by Medicare. This is why Doctors try to bundle several services at the same time to try and recover their losses for treating Medicare patients.

So the Independent Payment Advisory Board can target certain high cost treatments by simply trimming down payouts for those treatments. Visually all they did was adjust an administrative payment, but in reality they forced the doctors to not utilize that treatment because they will not reimbursed enough to cover the actual cost.

You see, I understand this better than you do, lol.

You mean like many Republicans are doing now?

For Democrats it was a thousand times worse, but yes a few Republicans have had to avoid town halls. But you once again dodged the actual point, ‘

Democrats ignored all opposition to their Bill, a universal opposition from all Americans and Democrats forced it through anyway. Why have town halls and allow people to review the Bill if Democrats were just going to ignore all of it anyway?

So we can have hearings that will be ignored, or just don;t have them? I prefer to not have them if nothing will be changed anyway. I am not a Liberal, I do not look for excuses to rant and rave. Conservatives tend to be more practical. If it makes no difference, why get all worked up about it?

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