We have different definitions of what it mean to silence someone in discussion.
Przemysław Lib

So you make up new definitions of words to then attack people for only your definitions? Sorry but again, you are inserting intent that simply does not exist, and the fact you feel the need to be dishonest and nitpick one tiny part of my comment while dodging 99% of it speaks to your inten t to- try and silence me with personal attacks.

This is a typical far left tactic, dodge the facts, avoid valid points, and attack the speaker on a personal level to try and bully them into silence.

As I keep saying over and over and you keep dodging, my point is we all have problems, nobody is “worse off” than anyone else. I also see where I asked you a few detailed questions about my friend who died from brain cancer and you dodged those questions too.

Do you always dodge everything?

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