Hello, men of the Internet.
Kara Allen

Sorry kid but you are simply wrong. She came on here and the second she saw a small amount of pushback for her horribly handled study, she called two of us racists because playing the race card is how she handles anything that does not go 100% her way.

She has been playing the race card all of her life, she did it again claiming lots of fellow staff as Mizzou called her the N word many times. But not 1 time did she go on CNN to say that communications professor who attacked the media was bad or wrong for doing what she did? No she did not, she stayed silent so her intent to fan the flames of discontent and racial unrest is very clear.

As far as your bias study is concerned, you can’t do a comparative study when the two- studies are using different criteria, different people, different standards, and a different set of sources, it is simply garbage, there was not even a preset standard of terms between studies.

You admit yourself, everything you labeled as racist etc was based on your own subjective understanding of things, that is not how scientific studies are performed.

You admit you are a Journalism student at a University known for their radical racial unrest and how you demand safe spaces because everything offends you.

So you tell me, what do you think about her calling both me and Dallas racists? She trolled several of my posts to harass me, all because she was butt hurt over my assessment. What do you call that kind of person? Her thin skin is clear and now even you had to make a new account just to come blindly defend her?


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