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Sounds good to you I am sure, but you will be opening a can of worms. If Black people can no longer be convicted of any drug related crimes because Juries refuse to find them guilty, you will see a huge decline in especially Black communities, the only thing keeping some of them from boiling over is the worse of the worse go to prison, leave them on the streets and let the worse of the worse build up and things will get very bad.

And the same is true for disrupting things like confirmation hearings, sure you are angry so you think any disruption against a Trump cabinet member is okay but when we remove the possibility of holding people accountable for disrupting these kinds of events all hell will break loose.

There is a time and place for everything. Protesting inside an official hearing and disrupting it is not acceptable. We need a few social norms in official proceedings, without them society will get much worse, not better.

I do not believe those of you begging for a new civil war will really like it when it happens.

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