Decent people, and I no longer consider you among them, Louis, would say United needed simply to…
Gus DiZerega

Still in business Gus and have also did my best to take care of customers but you also must stay in the realm of being reasonable. They offered them many times the worth of their tickets in compensation as well as a seat on a later flight, there is no way they could offer more. What do you think they could do, sit there for 5 hours having a long drawn out negotiation into infinity?

The airlines reserve the right to cancel any ticket, you agree to this when you buy the ticket, the airline is bending over backwards to use a random lottery and paying way more than the seat is worth.

As usual Gus you prove yourself uneducated on another topic and completely unreasonable.

So if nobody gives up their seat for any price, then what? The plane sits at the gate forever? You live in your own little world Gus, lol.

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