Because Trumpkins like to follow the model of their glorious leader and simply assert things, then…
Futureshocked Al

That does not explain why you were behaving like a child spamming 9 individual comments most of them saying the exact same thing? Can you explain why you are behaving like a child?

And anyone who has been even slightly informed on current events knows cops have been executed and killed recently at higher numbers, you may try to nitpick the exact percentage but if you just flat refuse to know the numbers are higher that is also a childish behavior you need to explain.

You can’t claim no not know about it, cops shot pumping gas, shot sitting in their cars, etc? You really want to play stupid?

But as far as repeating things that are not true how about how all of you claim Trump called all Mexicans rapists or that he colluded with Russia to steal the election? Even Comey clearly said Trump was never a target of investigation concerning Russian collusion but that does not stop any of you brainwashed masses from still making the claim, lol.

Anyway, being as you are pretending to be stupid I will indeed provide a link you could get yourself in 5 seconds if you just made the slightest of arttempts to be informed on the subject:

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