Here, let me help you.

And please explain this Fallacy to your liberal friends.

That is a dodge, you either have morals and beliefs or you do not. There are some lines food people will never cross. The corporate Democrats have ruined every aspect of Liberalism. And there you go, blindly defending that corruption.

My friends have been Liberals long before you were soiling your diapers, they know more of the meaning than you ever will.

“you lie!” was not a rhetorical attempt to silence? Okay, I can imagine you don’t see it that way. Here is a clear example:

Well you make two mistakes, first he was one man who did something bad, I never saw his behavior as acceptable, second, his outburst was intended to refute, not silence obviously.

I don’t think I even need to say what Trump did when protesters showed up at his rallies. You know what happened.

He led his event, while millions of Liberals believed they had the right to stop his events. Again, you never saw Conservatives do- this to Hillary or Bernie, because only Conservatives believe in free speech and the freedom of assembly and association.

You dodged this point, why?

On ‘echo chamber:’ then why are you here? For some reason, a lot of you act like the echo chamber is exclusive to the Left. The Internet is one big circle jerk — left or right, they all come where they want.

Another dodge, of course there are echo chambers on the Right too, but you would never catch me on one, I do not even have an account on one, I see no point in wallowing in an echo chamber, but clearly you need this echo chamber …. why?

I am here attempting to break down the lies and distortions propagated on echo chambers like this, clearly you are here to wallow in the lies and misinformation.

On ‘obedience/submission:

You dodged again, what is it with you on the radical left and your inability to honestly discuss any point? Of course Conservatives are more disciplined, we mainly stick to facts and logic instead of the pure emotions the left rely on.

My point was loyalty, as in voting for Hillary only because it was “her turn” when everyone under the sun knew she was the worse possible choice for the nomination.

As far as the rest of your attempt to change the subject, FOX only came to be because a massive hole was created by all the major Networks making the choice to shift severely left in their manipulation of the news. FOX filled that hole. All the other Networks push open borders, zero immigration laws, massive redistribution of wealth, Government takeover of all aspects of society, take away all guns, and open our doors to everyone who wants to come here with zero vetting.

We know this is true by the fact all of them lied and claimed Trump said all Mexicans were rapists, that one fact alone proves the collusion between all the major Networks and the DNC, not to mention many other examples such as giving debate questions to Hillary so she can perform better.

Obamacare? Really you going to try to push that lie too? Have you actually bothered to read all the ideas and Bills in question? Well I have. I read the three versions of the Heritage foundation idea (by the way not a single serving Federal Republican ever endorsed any of them) and I have also read all 63 pages of Romneycare, and let me assure you, there is nothing about Obamacare that is similar to either ideas offered by the Heritage foundation or Romneycare outside of similar sounding names.

Consider how a Model T FORD and a Bugatti Veyron seem similar to the uneducated. They both have 4 tires, windshields, steering wheels, seats and even engines and transmissions. When you use just those words it is easy for the uneducated to believe the Model T FORD is about the same as the Bugatti Veyron, but when you get past similar sounding names and terms to look at the two vehicles and compare them side by side, the reality they are nothing alike becomes very clear.

This is true for Obamacare as well, certain terms and references “sound” the same as the kinds of things discussed in Heritage foundation ideas and Romneycare but in reality they are worlds apart.

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