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False. Scientists have been using “climate change” for decades.

That is a lie, I happen to have had a lot of conversations with people back in those original “Gore” days and not 1 person ever used the term “climate change”. Sorry to call you out on such a huge lie but that is one of the big issues with you guys, you are constantly changing what you said and what you predicted every few years.

Really now, if you’re going to lie, you could at least take the trouble to come up with lies that aren’t so ridiculous.

You are the liar, general warming has stopped, the excuse is the warning shifted to the oceans but in general temperatures have not increased at the rate of Co2 increases as predicted. In fact, all 11 climate models they used to predict future warming said if we reached a “magic number” we would see drastic and Global killing warming that would melt the ice caps and flood massive amounts of the Earth. This is where Al Gore got his claim about polar bears all going extinct, the ice caps they lived on would all melt.

But guess what, not only did we reach that “magic number” but we also passed it and left it far behind us and still today we have not seen the promised global killing warming.

Clearly the percentage of impact of Co2 on the end result was over estimated to say the least.

The fact that YOU do not understand climate science does not mean that others are just as ignorant as you. And it is patent that you do not understand the most basic concepts of climate science.

Hey I agree I do not have a degree in any of the related fields, but what I do know is results and predictions and so far all the predictions have been wrong so if they are always wrong clearly they do not understand the full impact of C02 on climate, yet.

Another falsehood. The climate models have performed very well. You can’t even name the climate models, what they take as input, what they produce as output, or how their results are evaluated. Your political fanaticism blinds you.

Well id a perfect 100% failure rate is performing well in your book we have discovered why nobody trusts you guys, lol.

There were 11 main climate models conducted at the time of the first IPCC climate alarmist reports, of those 11, all of them predicted massive flooding and polar ice melting by now. that to me shows a great failure in the models.