“ What? How is it illegal?
Michael James

That law applies here cause a foreign national emailed jr to arrange a meeting with another foreign national, to provide his daddy’s campaign with something of very great value.

That is it? That is the best you can come up with?

Pure emotion based reply.

So how do you come up with “very great value”? what is the standard you are using to establish that what the person was attempting to discuss with JR was of great value?

I read all the emails and there is nothing specific mentioned in any of them to establish “worth” on so why are you making an assumption as to it’s value to then assume a crime occurred?

You are also severely misunderstanding solicitation. Jr never asked for anything, he was responding to what some other person was offering without his looking for it from that person. So based on the law, there was no solicitation. He agreed to a meeting, if you actually read the emails you would see he tried many times to only have a phone conversation so his intent was to never meet with anyone.

But he did meet and I agree it certainly looks bad considering ho-w the radical left always blows every tiny thing up bigger than it really is and JR himself has admitted if he had to do it again he would not have met with the person but again, foolishness and a lack of political appearances is not a crime. Nothing he did was illegal.

At the end of the day I am an American, and as an American we all believe in the basic foundational belief that we are innocent until “proven” guilty. Unfortunately the radical left has been proclaiming Trump and his circle guilty for thousands of things all for emotional reasons. This is exactly the same. “IF” some actual proof is shown I will be the first person to take them to task, but so far there is nothing, not 1 shred of actual evidence of any law being broken, certainly not in this example where yo-u had to try and apply a dishonest “very great value” to something you have never even seen.

The law you quote is concerning donations to campaigns, there was no donation and no exchange of anything of value, so based on the law you quote, no there was no violation of that law.

You making the comparison to looking to buy drugs is also childish to be honest, drugs are illegal, words are not. JR went to talk, just talking to anyone is not illegal no matter who they are, we know this because Democrats have met with Russian agents as well and even Nancy Pelosi was busted telling lies about never meeting with Russians when pictures were produced to prove she was a liar.

This is all more smoke, lots and lots of smoke, but no substance. Give me some substance, let’s step away from all this emotion based allegations and dishonesty and admit that as of today, there is not 1 speck of actual evidence against Trump or anyone in his circle of collusion with Russia to steal the election.

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