As with most conspiracy theories, there are too many moving parts and too many actors for it to…
Tim Carpenter

That is simply not true, almost nobody needs to be involved once the laws are in place they just do nothing else. The fact that all of California is wanting to help illegals is a fact, not a theory, did you miss my example of San Francisco is on their third cycle of openly letting illegals vote on local races?

The stage is set after generations of Democrats pushing this general “open borders” and zero immigration law enforcement agenda.

And the media, can you really sit there and try to claim the media and politicians were not pushing Trump as evil and bad for illegals? Really? Just how dishonest are you willing to be?

So we do have some “facts” to support the idea of illegals voting.

  1. opportunity, the laws allow illegals to sign an affidavit to get registered to vote, no ID required.
  2. opportunity #2, no id required to cast a ballot.
  3. motivation, the media constantly pounding the idea Trump is out to round up all the illegals.
  4. motivation #2, politicians like Hillary Clinton scaring illegals by saying Trump is out to round up all the illegals.
  5. motivation #3, the various Liberal groups saying Trump wants to deport all the illegals.
  6. safety, areas like California shield and protect illegal aliens in every way possible and never hold them accountable for any behavior connected to being an illegal alien.
  7. support, the far Right is constantly telling illegal aliens they should be treated like Americans, even work to openly let illegals vote in elections, tell them any American who wants to deport them is evil, etc.
  8. means, illegal aliens have spent generations perfecting their ability to blend into society, fake identities and social security numbers, circles of friends, protectors, enablers and even politicians and celebrities and the media all supporting and helping illegals to build the ability to game the system on all levels.

So is it possible? Yes it is. Did it happen? Most likely. Can I say 100% this id true, no of course not, but you pretending it is impossible proves your not willing to see anything objectively.