As usual you bend yourself into pretzels to support your hate of those unlike you.
Gus DiZerega

As usual you bend yourself into pretzels to support your hate of those unlike you.

That is you my friend, you take everything personal and have even chased me around the forum to troll me while I have never done that to you. All of my comments are about the topic at hand, not attacking people on a personal level the way you do.

  1. So you refuse to actually help people with your own two hands? Thanks for helping to make my point, you limit your “help” to arms length and paying taxes and demanding “Government” do everything.
  2. More personal attacks on me by you, you do not know me or why I do things but you have to assign “evil” to my actions to make you feel better about your lack of care for your fellow man. Sure you talk big, but you never actually do anything yourself. I have held the hands of strangers, hugged them and comforted them in their time of grief and loss of loved ones and tragedies. When was the last time you showed up at a house fire with blankets and water and food then directly worked with them to help them find a place to sleep short term and long term, help them to scrounge through the rubble to salvage what they can? Our Christian service center keeps donated furniture and appliances and household items for people like that who need a hand getting back on their feet and I used to run that building and deliveries, but when these kinds of tragedies happen what do we not see? The Government, we have to have human beings like us on the street, not lazy people like you who never help anyone directly.
  3. We had local run schools and such long before there was an all powerful Government because it was communities helping each other, in fact the churches are responsible for more free education ever seen in the world. Yes you see a value to community, as long as you can keep your distance from that needy segment, you want them kept away from you and have “someone else” take care of them, this is why you advocate for Government and support charities, but never do anything with your own two hands.
  4. I point to Hillary Clinton to point to your hypocrisy in general and this time as an example of hos Liberals only “pretend” to change but really it is all outward, Clinton admitted to having two sets of beliefs and policies, one for public consumption and one set of real beliefs, and yet you all blindly reported to the polls as ordered by your masters.
  5. You keep trying to claim I am without emotions or something but I guess you have once again been completely confused by what you have been told. I do not mix emotions into debate and discussions because emotions are the bane of logic. You try to make everything about your emotions and avoid facts and logic so I mention this to you as part of your mistakes. Of course I am emotionally invested in those things that really matter in life like my family, my friends, my faith and my life. We all have emotions Gus but we can choose when to apply them. You on the radical left never learned to not be controlled by your emotions and this is why you always put emotions first in all aspects of your existence.

So once again you dodged the point, Conservatives tend to be more for local charity and direct “hands on” with our charity work while you on the radical left tend to push Government to handle charity and you want a “hands off” with charity work for yourself.

I know you hate me Gus, your constant trolling of me proves that much, but try to look past your emotions in this one case and try going out into your community and doing work helping people with your own two hands. You do not have to be religious to help people directly, I have known a lot of non-religious people who were deeply involved in their communities. You can do it Gus, and you never know, you just may like it if you try.

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