To be fair, Clinton and Trump are the worst either party had to offer, but Trump tapped into the…
Chris T

That kind of refusal to accept reality is why you guys are losing so many elections. Anger played no real part in anything, if you look at the numbers Trump got about the same number of votes as Romney and McCain, slightly better but not statistically significant.

So why did he win? Because “DEMOCRATS” did not turn out. The problem in a large part was the fact Democrats ran the most corrupt professional politician who has ever run for the Presidency, taking record numbers of money from Bankers, Corporations, Wall Street and foreign Governments.

You know what is interesting? I have actually donated to various Liberal groups and candidates over the years including Bernie Sanders so I am on all the Liberal email chains and news letters. So a day or so ago I got one from Ben and Jerry's that was long on complaints of big money in elections.

More money than ever is flooding into politics in the age of Donald Trump. While Trump distracts us with his latest scandals and tweets, the richest 1%, corporations, and their lobbyists are more influential than ever behind the scenes in getting their way on the issues and buying our elections — while pushing the rest of us to the sidelines.

The problem with this letter and the idea it pushes is it is simply wrong. Hillary Clinton spent twice as much as Trump. The latest elections had the same thing, the Democrats spending massive amounts of money trying to buy elections.

And do not believe I am the only one seeing this. This is the problem I see with the Democratic party, your “base” is opposed to big money in elections but your leadership is wallowing in Corporate and special interest funds and you are more than happy to toss that money around like a drunk sailor at a strip club.

In closing I would like to reference a set of interviews Van Jones ( a man I happen to detest for his race baiting and very bad attitude) did for CNN where he interviewed families who had voted for Obama twice but then voted for Trump and he was asking them why. The answered were eye opening. You see, rage or hate had nothing to do with it, and certainly not race. They said one of the main reasons they supported Obama was he was “selling hope” and in this election Hillary was the status quo candidate and it was Trump who was “selling hope”. Hope won, not hate. And we all know it was Hillary Clinton selling hate. Deplorable?

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