Talk about believing lies (or is that alternative facts?)
Think Progresser

Trump openly represents lies and racism, if you vote for him, your endorsing lies and racism. Can’t sugar coat that

That kind of thinking is why Democrats have lost over 1,000 elected seats in the last 8 years. ‘You have to demonize those who do not agree with you and the general public is sick and tired of it.

So being as Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt professional politician in history and has taken more money from corporations, bankers, and wall street than anyone else, by far, that means if you voted for her you were endorsing corruption and big money/special interests in politics?

Of course not. People vote “for” the good things and “against” the bad things. You voted against Trump because all you would allow yourself to see was what you saw as bad, while other people voted for Trump because they saw the good.

If Trump really can do as he promised, improve the economy, start working on adjusting trade agreements to make them fair, build the wall/fence and return to the rule of law in America, and either bring back, or produce a lot of new higher paying jobs in America, he will win re-election easily.

Because you have the luxury for other things, you must first have a job and a way to care for your family and loved ones, Trump tapped into that most basic of needs to win the election.

Of course running against the most hated professional and corrupt politician in history helped too, lol.

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