“It is common sense, Obama traveling around all over America means planning and masses of secrete…

Do you have proof that all the members of Mar-A-Lago have been screened?

That was childish, of course they are all screened, everyone in Trump’s main two buildings have been screened, plus those locations are easier to secure then say a random meeting hall with all sorts of buildings around them that also need to be secured, Trump’s resort is mostly wide open with almost nothing else in close relationship with it, extremely easy to secure.

The taxpayers are paying for security for Don Jr. and Eric to travel around the world on Trump Organization business. So it’s bad when the minor children of the President go on vacation (and I could find nothing about the girls going on vacation by themselves) but OK for the adult children of the president to attend to their father’s business concerns?

Don Jr is always with his mother in New your or with Trump, there is no extra security like the Obama children had:

Those trips of the Obama children were mostly scrubbed at the request of the whitehouse, even the Huffington post who reported on the trips scrubbed them at the request of the whitehouse to protect the children from attention but it also had the effect of burying stories of their travel and how much it cost Americans.

But if you look hard enough you can still find a few references to the trips:

The Obama children took a spring break trip every year.

Also, Michelle Obama took separate vacations as well, such as her February 2012 ski vacation with a large number of friends or the 2011 trip to south Africa. All of these trips were mostly kept out of the news by the media at the request of the whitehouse. but they still had a cost.

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