I also was not happy to see women excluded from the march because of a pro life stance.
Melissa Myer

I also was not happy to see women excluded from the march because of a pro life stance

That was just a single recent example, but women who do not conform to a very narrow set of beliefs are always attacked by Liberals, look how Sarah Palin was treated, attacking her beliefs were one thing but attacking her family and such were simply too much but not a single person on the left saw anything wrong with how they treated her because she did not have the right set of political beliefs she was no longer considered a woman.

I was really set back by Michelle Obama when she said “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice” Who told Michelle Obama that she had a right to speak for all women in America? Just how arrogant do- you have to be to think that only Hillary Clinton represented women and their ideas and voices? So what about Conservative or moderate women who did not agree with Hillary Clinton? Ot for that matter how about actual Liberal women who were offended at the way Hillary pretended to be Liberal but was not? According to Michelle Obama, all women are represented only by Hillary Clinton? Really?

The first time I ever heard of Hillary Clinton referred to as the “Red Queen” (due to all the blood on her hands) was by a life long Democratic woman who had no intention of ever voting for Hillary Clinton.

I do have a problem with the continual and pervasive indictment of her based on rumors or opinions and not facts. If shes guilty then arrest her or indict her and take it to court. Prove your case or shut up.

I say the same thing about all the claims against Trump, but nobody listens, lol.

What I can’t come to grips with is electing someone with such a shady business history coupled with multiple flip flops on his stance on important issues.

Oh comeone now, Hillary had a lot of shady stuff too and while she was supposed to be representing out Country, and Hillary was the queen of flip-flops. Whatever Trump did, he did as a civilian and within the laws as created by people like Hillary Clinton. Anything Hillary did she did when she was supposed to be serving the people, not herself, I see a world’s of difference between the two.

Do you not find it interesting that the hundreds of millions of dollars pouring into the Clinton Foundation abruptly stopped when she lost her Presidential bid?

When confronted with proof he bullies or uses the excuse of relying on misinformation from others.

Like when all media outlets claimed Trump called all Mexicans rapists? That kind of misinformation?

Where’s the outcry over big money donors like the Mercers, Koch Bros., or NRA?

Hillary Clinton spend twice as much money as Trump, at some point you have to ask yourself what these corporations, bankers, and wall street were getting in return for all that money? And it was not just this election, they have been dumping money into her pockets for her entire life as a politician, why?

You are either against big money in politics or you are not, and if you are then you can’t support someone like Hillary Clinton because she is the very definition of corrupt Washington politician.

Is draining the swamp include big money unqualified cabinet members like Betsy DeVos?

Even after telling you guys thousands of times what Trump is doing you still do not understand? The “swamp” as defined clearly by Trump is based on how career politicians and administrators of various departments take bribes for years then when leaving office they are suddenly working for the very companies they used to be responsible for controlling.

The DOJ people heading up the investigations against pharmacies and drug companies for example who end up working for those same companies is one great example, Frontline just did a story about this a few days ago. This is a normal every day problem in Washington, and Trump’s solution is to put people into these jobs who are in his opinion immune to bribes and do not need those lucrative private sector jobs after the Administration changes hands.

We will have to see if this does make a positive change or not, but the theory is sound and management skills are management skills no matter what field you are working, there are enough lifetime bureaucrats in these departments to handle the specific details needed so you do not really need someone with specific experience in those slots.

He never apologizes for anything. He can’t even see that his tweets are sabotaging his presidency.

Are they? I have not seen any indication his tweeting is hurting him, but it sure does enrage the media and to that end he is exposing them as the partisan hacks they always were so at the end of the day it is a net positive. The media has a lower approval rating than Trump now.

With an out of line media, a President directly communicating to the people is a necessity.

I would believe his fake news accusations if he brought forward the proof it’s fake.

The media claims Trump colluded with Russia 20 times a day with zero proof. Why do you believe them? Because they are saying something you want to hear? It justifies your hate of the man?

All Trump is doing is using their own tactics against them. How many years have they got away with their political propaganda? Finally someone is using their tactics against them and it is working, lol. Everything is fake news now, and it all really started with their fake claim that Trump called all Mexicans rapists, once they decided to lie to serve Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party, Trump correctly decided to treat them like any other branch of the DNC.

As a country steeped in Christian values, why are so many turning a blind eye or remaining silent? When did blatant lying and hypocrisy become electable virtues?

About the time we gave Bill Clinton a free pass for sexual misconduct and rape. i always found it interesting how Hillary and others on the left would attack Trump for unfounded allegations against him but had no issue at all with Bill Clinton who actually paid off rape allegations and lied under oath about his sexual misconduct as President. You and I would go to jail for telling lies under oath, but Bill Clinton is still the most loved Democrat in the party, if you do not dishown Bill Clinton and his enabling wife, you have no business pointing fingers at Trump.

What are the odds that Flynn, Sessions, and Kushner would all forget meetings or conversations with Russians on their clearance forms? With all the condemnation of Democrats there is a mass amnesia of the same guilt of Republicans. All should be equally condemned. You think Democrats weaken women. I think Republicans deny women.

Nancy pelosi also lied about her meetings with the exact same Russians, she denied it for weeks until pictures were leaked proving she did have meetings and she tried to lie her way out of her first lie.

The fact is, meeting with Russians is not out of the ordinary, everyone does it. the question is, did they do anything illegal? Just meeting with a Russian is not illegal no matter what the radical left is trying to tell you.

At the end of the day, the reason why Mueller has had to shift his investigation to other things is because he came out empty handed against Trump. Now the tactic seems to be to squeeze those close to Trump and see if they can back door some kind of charge but from all appearances, they are not getting anything that way either.

So what will happen is a couple people will end up charged with things having no connection to the election or “collusion” and this will end up sinking Democrats hopes in midterms and the next Presidential election because you can’t scream “Russian collusion” 30 million times then expect to get away with it when there is no Russian collusion when the investigation ends.

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