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  • ***” That’s why presidents typically liquidate any assets that could present even a the perception of conflict.” ****

Yet nobody cared about Hillary getting hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign governments and corporations and bankers and wall street, all running through the fingers of her daughter and loyal “friends” who got jobs with high paying salaries as rewards for loyalty and service to the Clintons.

If I were a Wall Street guy or a foreign Government head that wanted to buy a politician like Hillary Clinton why try to hide the payoffs? Just pay Hillary and her husband insane amounts of money to give “speeches”. Another way people pay bribes to politicians is to give things and money to their family. So they all get together, set up a monster foundation for Hillary to then hire her family and friends who get paid out of the money governments and corporations and such pay into that fund, the Clintons now have a long term slush fund to take care of their family, but nobody cares about that.

And guess what, Democrats have no motivation to fix the economy, Trump does. Trump has investments that will do better if the American people get more disposable income. Casinos make way more money off normal people with money than rich people with money. If the average person has more disposable income, then most of Trump’s businesses will benefit from that “bigly”.

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