Again with the false equivalence.

The Clintons released their tax returns because they hid all their crimes in the foundation, a place they know is sheltered from view. They are both lawyers and well versed in the game, if they were doing something bad you do not think they would be stupid enough to show it in their tax returns do you?

Under the law Trump does not even have to give his company to his children as he is doing, Presidents and members of congress are immune to the conflict of interest laws my uninformed friend. Trump is going out of his way and putting himself through huge amounts of work to settle his many affairs before taking office. You do not detach yourself from such a huge amount of business ventures in a couple days.

Nice dodge on my Al Capone point, you tried to claim that because all that looking at the Clintons produced no results that clearly Hillary was innocent of everything, well we all know Al Capone was guilty of many, many murders and a legion of lesser crimes but all the Government work could not prove it because he was good at hiding the evidence, just like the Clintons.

When you looked at Hillary’s financials did you see several million dollars spent on private planes and high end hotels? No? That is because the foundation paid for them, lol. Look, I know we can’t prove any of it now, the evidence is hidden, but there is a really good reason why Hillary refuses to open the books on the foundation. Yes other foundations hide their information too, but the Clinton foundation is operated like no other, run like no other, and has had connections to public and private interests mingling at the same time. Yes there are some connections between donations and the appearance of special treatments. That appearance could just be innocent, but the problem is the Clintons have had a never ending flow of these cases where they are always just on the edge of legality, not 1 time, not 2 times, not 10 times, but an almost endless stream of them for 30+ years.

Again, you make excuses for Hillary taking money from everyone, but she did not have to take that money. Hillary outspent Trump in some places more than 10 to 1. Trump still trounced her, it is not the money but the message, either you are connecting to the people and talking about things they care about or you are not. It is pretty clear that her message of screw the working class did not resonate very well, so Trump won.

But I do bet there are a lot of very unhappy people who invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the Clintons over the years both paying for their campaigns and bribes and to their foundation who are now pissed off that their investments will not be paying off now. Who knows what those kinds of people are capable of?

Nice try at trying to make Trump look corrupt when he at this point is the lest corrupt of any President to ever get elected. Less lobbyists than even Obama who promised to have no lobbyists. No special interests dictating to Trump who to hire like they would have done with Hillary and how Obama was told what to do. Do you really believe he wanted Hillary as his Secretary of State? Obama may have warmed up to Hillary over the years, but at the time Obama hated Hillary and Bill for a lot of the nasty things they said about him.

I do not know what the end result will be, none of us do, but Trump has more potential in breaking up the gridlock and corporate control over Washington than any other President in the past 30 years, I hope he can do it, but if he fails he will be just like Obama, so no real harm done. Remember, nobody has done better after 8 years of Obama than the top 1%, and nobody has done worse than poor people of color.